Why use Raised Toilet Seats and Risers

Why use Raised Toilet Seats and Risers

A raised toilet seat is also known as an elevated toilet seat and adds some extra height for those who need assistance, and When getting on and off the toilet for those with limit dynamism.

It’s an elevated seat which attaches to the toilet, some models that attach under the existing seat and lid other that attach such as on the top of the existing seat.

Raised toilet seats are also available with or without arm supports; arm support can further reduce the risk of bathrooms fall, and enhance the user safety.

Raised toilet seat is helpful those who have got up and down from a regular home toilet. These devices provide great safety and independence for the user. Wide choice and features are available on different models and the appropriate of features will depend upon particular needs.

Why Use raised toilet seat?

There are many reasons to use a raise of toilet seat .it decrease the distance the users to the requirement of lower them to the seat, and to rise back up again. This may be difficulty in bending the knees, joint stiffness, or unstable and weak hips. And another reason is the user to recovering from hip, knee or back surgery and hard to stand, sit, and transition from a standard toilet.

A raised toilet seat is designed to add anywhere 3 to 6 inches of height to a toilet; this will put less stress and one the joints because a standard toilet seat will require the user to have more flexibility for sitting and standing

Those with restricted mobility benefit from a raised toilet seat with built-in arms. The safety of features provides added protection and stability to the user, some arms are covered soft foam for comfort and a better grip, allowing the user hands not to slip, but in arms are also helps those lower extremely weakness and insufficient balance, some arm are removed which adds flexibility to the user’s needs, while other can be folded up and down to accommodated transferring the user in an easier fashion.

Finally we say that raised toilet seat is the best for the elderly. it is provided are wide and numerously .perhaps the most compelling and benefit it bring is curbing strong health and expression that may get worse .the conventional commodes may be too low that may get worse. The conventional commodes may be too high aggravated knee and back pains and injuries. It is expert advice to spend money in installing the safety fixtures and risking the love and one’s safety and health condition, and this is the best selling for the elderly to the raised toilet seat.

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