How long should I use the raised toilet seat?

How long should I use the raised toilet seat?

A raised toilet seat is also known as an elevated toilet seat and adds some extra height for those who need assistance and When getting on and off the toilet for those with limit dynamism.

It’s an elevated seat which attaches to the toilet, some models are that attached under the existing seat and lid other that attach such as on the top of the existing seat.

Raised toilet seats also available with or without arm supports; arm support can further reduce the risk of bathrooms fall, and enhance the user safety.

Raised toilet seat is helpful those who have got up and down from a regular home toilet. These devices provide great safety and independence for the user. Wide choice and features are available on different models and the appropriate of features will depend upon particular.

What are raised toilet seat used for?

A raised toilet seat is used to raise the height of a toilet to a comfortable level, making it easier to sit down and get up. A frame may be used with the raised toilet seat.

How long I use raise of a toilet seat?

  • Supervision and assistance when using the raised toilet seat are recommended for user with limited physical capabilities
  • Ensures the raised off the toilet seat is secure.
  • Back up to the raised toilet seat until you feel the back k of your legs touching it
  • If present reaches back for the arm rests or hand holds.
  • Uses arms support for helper. Do not arm support is to support full body weight.
  • Slowly lower yourself onto the raised toilet seat flexion   your elbows hips and knees it is possible.
  • Bubble type seats: be sure to center your weight on the raised toilet seat as the seat may learn too far forward to either side.
  • To get up from the seat push on the armrests or seat as much as comfortable possible. Make sure you have to your grasp from the raised toilet seat.

How do I care the raised toilet seat?

  • Use nonabrasive for cleansing with warm water
  • Rinse well and wipe with a nonabrasive cloth
  • If the toilet seat arm support frequently check that foam hand grips are secure and do not turn.
  • For raised toilet seats with a front coordination knob, check down for cracks developing around the adjuster mechanism.

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