Buying Guide

Raised toilet seats can simply be defined as the most affordable and basic type of toilet aid available out there in the market. It can be used to sit on top of the existing toilet seat. In fact, it can be used to raise the position of the seat from two to six inches. The raised toilet seats are in a position to deliver independence and comfort to the people who need assistance with getting up and down. Moreover, people who use a walking frame or a walker will be able to experience a wide array of benefits using a raised toilet seat. However, you need to pay special attention towards several important points before you spend your money on a raised toilet seat, in order to experience all the benefits that are associated with a one. You can get to know about those points via this raised toilet seat buying guide.

When you are purchasing a medical raised toilet seat, you need to think a lot about the optimal seat height. As mentioned earlier, the toilet seat can usually increase the height from two to six inches, but it depends from one toilet seat to another. Therefore, it is up to you to determine your preferred height and then go for a toilet seat accordingly. If the seat is higher, less flexion is required in your knees and hips. Therefore, you will find it as an easy task to stand up and sit down. In case if your toilet seat is too high, you will find unstable while sitting on top of it. Therefore, it is up to you to figure out the ideal height and it could be the height where your feet lie flat on the ground.

When you are purchasing a toilet seat, you need to figure out whether you are planning to use it for short term use or not. For example, if you are after a surgery, you can think of purchasing a non-locking raised toilet seat as they can easily be removed with less hassle. They can be removed at any time you want. These toilet seats will be attached to your commode by a reliable method and you will not have to worry about their stability. If you need to buy a raised toilet seat for several months, you can think of purchasing a one with brackets and front clamps. It is one of the best alternative available for permanent fixation. People who are looking to purchase a toilet seat for long term use such as the ones who are disabled, can think of purchasing a permanent raised toilet seat. They are extremely secure and can be fixed to your toilet permanently.

Apart from these basic types of medical raised toilet seats, you can find many other varieties such as the ones created for people who have gone through hip replacements, heavy duty and extra wide toilet seats and wheelchair transfer toilet seats. You can go for them after analyzing your needs.